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 · For one, canines shun people who are mean to their owners, a new study says. Dogs can read facial expressions, communicate jealousy, display empathy, and even watch TV, studies have shown. They’ve picked up these people-like traits during their evolution from wolves to domesticated pets, which occurred between 11,000 and 16,000 years ago, experts say.

Articles of Interest. All articles written by Mitchell Milch. Loving one’s self more often than not translates to honoring the axiom: "Discretion is the better part of valor." Internet communications can take on lives of their own beyond our control and reap us devastating losses and hardships.

Articles of Interest Mythbusting in the Forklift World. An article about common misconceptions. No Excuses. An article about the importance and necessity of proper forklift training, Speed vs. efficiency: mutually exclusive terms. time Well Spent. Continue reading. Lock ’em Up! Lock ’em.

Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about – the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.

ARTICLES OF INTEREST – September 2018 Former preterm lambs have persistent alveolar simplification at 2 and 5 months corrected postnatal age dahl mj, Bowen S, Aoki T, et al. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. To assess the impact of alveolar simplification in BPD on long-term lung development, the authors used

There are two possible explanations for Amazon's move: capitulation to political pressure, which is how the firm is presenting it, or self-interest, 08 Oct, 2018.

cooperatives reworking: bone orgy . not to mention the cannibalistic orgies of the Pan-worshippers — or, indeed, Bone arrowheads and chicken feathers for arrows don't have a heavy.. out of a previously cooperative population (both at home and abroad).. this (if you like) as a reworking of AQ as the latter has become less powerful.

 · A conflict of interest is a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of an officer, board member, or employee. Conflicts of interest in a.

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Articles of organization When forming an LLC, you’re required to file a document called the “articles of organization” with a state or local government agency. After the document is filed and approved by the state, the new entity is legally created as a registered business within the state.

The U.S. has “intense interest” in Africa, and the perception that the continent is of little interest to President Donald Trump’s administration is incorrect, the U.S. assistant secretary of state.

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