Florida will have $223 million extra to spend next year

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To better recruit and retain quality teachers for Florida’s K-12 public schools, Gov. Rick Scott wants the state to spend $58 million in the next budget year on a handful of initiatives.

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TALLAHASSEE — Florida lawmakers got more bad news friday, with economists reporting that the state will have almost $350 million less to spend next year even as services for the poor, elderly and.

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All of Florida’s counties shared $19.2 million in federal funding to help safeguard their election systems ahead of the 2018 midterms. .4 million returned because of time constraints.

 · Charter schools could get $96M in capital aid from Florida school districts next year. as much as an extra $96.3 million into charter schools.. districts could have to spend next school year.

Here’s how much money school districts will have to share with charters under new state law.

The forecast for the next budget year is a 7 percent increase to $11.96 million in tax collected on about $239 million in rents.

Florida will have 223 million extra dollars to spend next year. Florida will have 223 million extra dollars to spend next year.. Florida’s economy is booming.

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 · Scott in Canada. Save it. Mind you, I’m a saver to begin with. Right now, we have too much money in credit and it this needs a correction – that correction can come from the Federal government (who’ll have to raise taxes once things turn around but we knew that anyways), or it can come from a lengthy recession.

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