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Investors who need cash-or who want to tap the value of their portfolios without selling their investments-might be tempted to apply for a "stock-based loan," pledging fully paid securities as collateral for the loan. FINRA is issuing this Alert to educate investors about non-recourse stock-based loan programs, including risks and rewards and key questions to ask.

Securities Based Loans (SBLs)In accordance with the Compulsory Stock Borrowing and Lending Regulations, CCASS Participants which wish to lend their securities in return for income deposit the securities into their stock lending account, whereupon they become available for lending to HKSCC.

These "non-purpose" loans are distinct from margin, another form of securities-based lending. Traditional margin loans are generally used to buy securities, whereas non-purpose loans can be used.

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It is becoming increasingly important for financial advisors to have a clearer understanding of how securities-based. lending, which is transactional service that facilitates short selling. sbls.

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which now has 38% share of margin loan balances at the four largest online discount brokers, up from just 11% at the end of 2008. Critics say that securities-based lending increases stock market risks.

In the United Kingdom, financial conduct authority (fca) regulates loan-based and investment-based crowdfunding platforms. In fact, the FCA is actively scrutinizing lending platforms. or Australian.

The markets for repurchase agreements (repos) and securities lending (sec lending) are part of the collateralized U.S.-dollar-denominated money markets. The markets for repos and sec lending are crucial for the trading of fixed-income securities and equities.

The Securities Lending Income Program provides you with the opportunity to earn extra income on fully-paid shares of stock held in your cash account. While your shares are on loan, you will be paid an income that is accrued daily and credited to your account on a monthly basis.

World Portfolio Loans has access to a global network of public and private financial lending institutions able to offer one of the most aggressive, transparent and simple securities based lending programs available worldwide. Most of the stock loan programs we provide are non-purpose and non-recourse requiring no documentation.

Securities lending:. The basic steps of the securities-lending process are: 1. The loan is initiated and terms are negotiated between the lender and the borrower. Terms may. Kelly, 2008). In response to the U.S. ban, a few U.S.-based mutual fund companies also temporarily halted their securities lending.

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